Thursday, July 19, 2012

another 'Please Do not Enlarge Me' stuff

Please do not enlarge!

Did you know that in Hawaii there's a lot of Japanese American? Well, I just know it last year when I met one XD

There was this movie about a girl who fly to hawaii and get married with a sugar cane farmer. She was shocked to find his future husband's age and look. On their firstr night she ran away and he had to look for him. Gradually the girl realize her fate and started to accept it.
... personally..
I think the movie is super....cra*py .... : (
There's nothing I can relate to, expected and super slow... and amazingly I watched it till the end ....

Then, I had another video documentary that I watched.

Ok, out of curiosity I watched this documentary about japanese host club...
After watching it I started youtube-ing (yep, that's right, google is my great teacher and youtube is my best friend) and found a video filming the life of a couple in Japan. Man... what a miserable life they had, I can not imagine they didn't kill themselves in that situation... Its entitled ; Japan; a story of Love and Hate.  ( to me, this is worth watching)

Oh well..

I found this sketches in my PC, I did not finish it, but I had kept it so long I forgot what I wanted to do with it, so lemme just post it the way it is, in respect to last month's me  XD

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