Sunday, July 1, 2018

No Internet No Life

Just when we arrived in China, there's a desk selling phone number with 4GB internet. and I was suspicious half way through when I asked them if 4GB is the speed or the amount of internet I can use. No answer. 
Anyway they took our passport and make us wait in line, there's like 5 group of people with us also purchasing sim card and internet data. 

By the time we arrived at the hotel, we realized that we have been scammed that the number is only to call and no internet data whatsoever. 

on our last day in china, we went to the mall and when we were about to go home, it started raining. 
We waited for the rain to stop but it just gotten worse. I asked my dad if he can checked the weather application on his phone to check what time the rain would stop. 
He said that there's no internet how is he supposed to check the weather...

In the end, no internet no life XD


So I was excited in launching my new book hohoho
The mermaid is coming

I have a couple of other things in mind, ( like my familia business ) so of course the pace is kind of slow...
But I'm working on it!!!

Unlike Remi, this one has no promotion coming cause I focus on the content more.
I also focused on the writings more. ( cause I realize the critics focus on the writings such as grammar and punctuation)

So YEP YEP, feeling inspired. hopefully I got some promotions to show you guys soon!!

Friday, June 15, 2018

Last night my friend share a great news, that she was pregnant and I'm so happy for her.
And not so happy for my self.. here I am loosing another hang out buddy, she said that her husband would prefer that she didn't leave the house very often during her pregnancy, we also cancel a lot of our plan because of it. I wouldn't want to travel with her either, because, you know it is a very sensitive moment for her, and she has to really take care of her body.

I remember making friends with a mom, back in San Francisco... Geez, you have no idea, when your friend asked you a favor :"Kristin, can you please take care of my 3 years old son?"
That was like a nightmare, I remember the first day of Spring break: I went with her to Academy of science with her son, and the next day, having to baby sit... and Voila!! I got sick for the rest of my spring break....
I couldn't even get up and purchase medicine at Walgreen.. I was THAT sick..
And when my friend knew about it? she wasn't even sympathetic, she just tell me :" Welcome to my world, baby."
"Only two days, and you're already down??" daring me, like that...
So I made up my mind that when my friends turn into mothers, it's time to set up some boundaries...

I can help you move in, move out, listen to your relationship junks, help you buy groceries, company you to lunch, brunch, dinner, and outlet shopping, cycling, trekking, etc.. BUT never ask me to take care of a baby!!

oh, btw i loved my baby nephew so much..LOL #obsessed

BTW I just set up Netflix in my room and I am so not going anywhere...(cause Netflix helped me to be more productive, you know, like sleeping...)

Recently I watched ALI WONG... SHE IS SO FUNNY...
I also watched The End of The F*cking World..
in love with Dark Comedy..

Also, this one is not on Netflix, But I also loved 'The Lobster' ... super dark love (not so) comedy.
 ( I wouldn't really say this is a comedy, though... it gets really gloomy and dark, Maybe because I watched it with a friend that just recently ended his five years relationship with his girlfriend due to money issue)

Yep, Thinking about it, it was really gloomy back then, 2 or 3 years ago, I was left behind, he was left behind. I was smart enough though, not to jump into a relationship with him, because that would be f*cked up... He would tell me all sort of melancholic stories, of how he moved to the State. That he tried paranormal, psychic, fortune teller, etc. All kinds of girls he dated. Which is super interesting.

I remember one night, it was one of my last few nights in San francisco. We went to watched a movie, and it was just the two of us, late at night. I don't remember what movie we were watching, what I know is that he was talking about a fortune teller that he met years ago. The fortune teller just looked at his face and started writing things down. One of the things that the fortune teller wrote is  that,  when he moved to the State that he won't came back to his hometown anymore ( which is true) that he would meet a woman with a very beautiful eyes ( which is also true, his girlfriend of 5 years has very beautiful eyes). And then he started talking about going to psychic and getting into a state unconsciousness, and started remembering his past reincarnation... (which to me sound like hoax)

Anyway, on our way back home, he say to me that his story about the fortune teller hasn't finished yet. That there's bits of it that he hesitate to share with me. ( the Uber driver slows down WTF)
Obviously I acted like a child filled with curiosity.. " what, what, what... tell me now!!"
"And the fortune teller told me that there's a guy that has always stayed by my side... his initials is A"
I'm like  "WHO?"
"Oh, I think what he meant was my late grandfather, his initials is A"

It was really late at night, and we were in front of my apartment, at Inner Richmond, cold and foggy.
( and  I live alone) you have no idea how scary that was for me..

Anyway, I think it is OK to share this story, since it has been years, and It's not like I ever gonna share names here..

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Chinese takeout

I have been working real hard these days, even tough I didn't even know what I'm working for.
Is it for my family, for my future, I truly don't know. 
The good news is that I no longer spend a lot of time thinking about useless things and just fall asleep after a long days of work. Although sometimes I wonder if I'm just wasting my time. 

There are times when I felt overwhelmed and wanted to give up. 
And when I was so tired, I close my eyes and could still see San Francisco.
Few days ago I saw myself wearing trench coat with colorful scarf on my neck. The wind was blowing and I look cold. The street looks very wide compare to the one here in my hometown. I saw the intersection between Geary and 9th avenue. there were houses and shops, and I was alone. I was wearing leather shoes with a little heel like I always did. My hair showered with sun shine. The sun is about to set and I was looking for another lonely meal. I remember back then I would buy myself a lovely shoes just to cover up the fact that I had so many lonely walks in my life. 

Tonight I ate with my brother and sister and he proposed to eat Chinese food. He ordered chicken and it tasted like the Chinese take out I would have back in SF. " This is what I ate when I watch Netflix." I told him. 

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

worst date

Welcome to The World Bad Dates

So few weeks ago I went on a date with a guy.

So this is how the date goes...

We have been texting for a good three weeks or so. He wanted to see me but I keep postponing him, cause I was having a real bad acne and I did not want to see him with the huge acne on my face.
He keep wanting to see me, and at one point, I thought, hell yeah lets meet, I think I'm ready for this.

he asked me where, i said let's meet in the Bar we first met. I don't know why I was really into him, he was so quite and I was certainly deluded with alcohol...
And through out chatting with him like super frequently, super aggressively, I know that he will be over for work after 5PM. He however, make me wait for a good one and a half hour...more like almost two hours....

Yeah, he make me freaking wait.
his last text before making me wait?
"Wait I did not decided/ tell you what time.."
And then 30 minutes before he arrived he says " sorry to make you wait, I'm coming"

He came with a big fat white cars, it seem he just get his car washed... then, I sit next to him and immediately felt like everything is just wrong...He vigorously poked on his nose.
He wasn't as good-looking as I thought, huge nose, thick framed glass, a very tiny guy.... I have to say...

I was shrinking in my chair with disappointment... and I thought for a moment I have to be strong, I'm almost 30, and I should lower my standards, let's see he might seem better later on.

We arrived, he parked, I went off the car, he ushered me impatiently with his hand... motioning me to walk faster.. and I did.... we enter the place, he smiled to the bell boy, with pride looking up at them... as we wait for the elevator, I realized... he was freakishly SHORT.
I was 5'3 inch, and he is hell shorter than me... very small shoulder, small bone structure, skinny and tiny and his fingers has this bulging knuckles, not even beautiful hands, slanted eyes, slanted thin lips, I am so going to disappear right now, I am very VISUAL.. this is not happening.

We arrived at the bar, we sit down, and I thought I'm gonna need alcohol for this... this is not happening what have I brought my self into.....
I told him I have zero appetite and I wanted to drink alcohol. he can however, eat if he wanted to ( Of course I have been munching for the two hours he made me wait...) and I bet he is hungry, washing his cars, taking long showers ( probably) Geez, and I'm wearing office attire...
I told him I don't eat beef and he quickly said he is not going to eat beef that night...but I think he CAN, what do you want to do? NOT EAT BEEF FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE??? GET REAL

Then I started flipping on the alcohol menu, he said he is allergic to alcohol.. I'm like "OK" (but I still need to be a little bit intoxicated for this..)
He hold the waitress with his hand and stare at me... (that's when I know this tiny man doesn't understand... what it means to be a partner... you're not my boss, and I shall have my drink..)
So I comply and did not order alcohol ( which is SAD, cause I really NEED it)
Than I thought of going to toilet and play with my phone... (this is SAD... GET ME OUT OF HERE)
And then I went to the bathroom, turn on my phone, and then realized... ( he's gonna check his Whatsapp and realized that I'm online.. )

I came back and told him I have a really bad stomach ache, he seem to believe it.. then I went to the bathroom, I went like...three times.. and I think He already looked so pissed...Then I started talking, I can not concentrate.. just let me out of here PLEASE
I wanted to be invisible, hide under the table.. call a cab... ANYTHING.. I can not concentrate just thinking anyway to run from there..
He asked me if I wanted to go home, that there is no chemistry... I felt bad instantly so I said " oh, no, let's at least finish the food."
The food came. we ate, I keep talking and I get so sleepy... he asked if I wanted to rent a room, and I told him no.
finally done. and off we go home.