Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Snow Flower

Recently I watched this movie called Snow Flower and I can't wait to read the novel.
I really loved the movie, just because I could relate to the story.
It tells a story of two girls who is bound to be best friend (sworn sister)
unfortunately, they both had a very different fate.

Also in the movie they show how horrible the foot binding is...
When a European woman offend the empress Xi, saying how pitiful it is to be born as chinese woman, cause they have to endure so much pain, binding their feet, The empress replied to the European woman, how pitiful it is to be born as western woman for they have to bind their body, making it difficult to breath.

For modern people foot binding seem horrible as it is, if you think about it, during their time, they don't uses anesthesia for 'simple' stuff like dentistry. I can not imagine how painful it is to have my teeth pulled without anesthesia, or drill. What is really painful for the modern people might just be a 'little' pain for them.

Think about plastic surgery, tattooing, piercing, we set our own standard of what is beautiful and some people just push it to the limit.

Back to Snow Flower, I loved the movie beside the part when they explicitly shows foot binding in a gory way.
I believe woman in those days wanted to have a beautiful feet, they are willing to bind their feet and might be asking the foot binder to make it as tight as possible cause they wanted to have their feet more beautiful than their counterparts.

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