Sunday, July 29, 2012

today sketch

Recently watched this movie called The Pianist.... its brilliant...
I watched them with laptop at home and when the movie end, I stand up and clap my hands (seriously!!)
The movie is about a jewish-polish Pianist that survived from WWII. ( spoileeeer!)
(and its based on true story!)

you know when you watch movie and you forgot that you are watching a movie.. that's how I felt when I watched this movie!!! ( os is it just me?)

I was pretty down this days cause I still hasn't got a job yet... than after watching this movie...
yup, have to be grateful with life!!!!
there are people struggling to survive, living life with fear, and there are people like me that complains over trivial things..

oh well, the main character is just unbelievable, his desire to live is amazing! and inspiring too ! XD
Ok, from now on I decided that I will be grateful with life every morning (or afternoon) when I wake up and be able to live without fear ( well, I have fear of being jobless for too long!) and be able to live a peaceful life like I have right now, and won't complain over a boring life..

I can not decide which background color is better so I just post both! You decide which one you like : )

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