Thursday, August 23, 2012

late post

Behold my friend, for I have something to show you XDD

Yeah, I just indulge myself with some beautiful gorgeous color pencil!!!
( did u see the instant noodle/ shin ramyun at the very back? LOL)

Sorry I haven't post anything new, been busy with a lot of projects!!
And will be even more busy soon!!!!
I will be posting a lot though!!
Oh oh, and I will be going to LA for a while...
( even traveling also need to bring sketch book and take pictures right??? XD

Thankfully I really love sketching
So I still spend some of time drawing for fun XD

( got extra cd inside, will watch them soon)

Get my hands on the color pencil XD
( ok ok, I know its not the best sketches ever ^ ^.. This is first try, OK Will experiment more!)

BTW I was trying to imitate Yoshitaka Amano's work ( where's the connection, really? nobody will ever be able to tell that I was inspired by him ,...)

To think about it, once, my illustrator friend asked me what kind of artwork that I like, I simply answered her that its too many, I like too many style ^ ^

Then because we were at Kinokuniya, she asked me to picked an art book that I like. So I picked Yoshitaka Amano's art book since I am major fan, than she laughed at my choice...
for a second I thought we could never be friends anymore LOL

Soon will be trying more subjects
Really into under water stuff, also into furry stuff, and hippos!!

So lets see what I feel like sketching XD

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