Saturday, September 15, 2012


( I like this pose )

He refuse to get his nail cut... sigh... he's really spoiled... 

I was looking for apartment ( agaaaain!!!)  and I saw a pair of Pugs walking!!!!!!!!!!
OMG this one is especially cute!!!

And when I you say yummies, he start licking!!!! nom nom nom 
AAAAARRrrrgh!! too cute !!

Ok, now prepare for the ugly version of blanco XD

BUhahahahahaha he is very manly here huh? sometimes I wonder if his eyes are black or blue?? 
in his baby pictures, his eyes ere verrryyyy blue!! 
Sometimes he looks a bit like his predecessor; Shar Pei. 
OK, Blanco is the cutes after all, no arguments, its obvious and absolute LOL 

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