Monday, September 10, 2012

skecth skecth

Just watch Hachiko; dog's tale..
I can't believe this dog wait 10 years for his master...
If I could speak dog's language; will definitely tell him to move on, he's not coming back uhuhuhu T T

Always wonder why the word 'miss' was used when you missed the bus, and when you miss someone?
( sometimes English doesn't make sense to me, and yet I'm typing in this most universal language LOL)

Now I understand ( maybe) because when you miss the bus, you either move on and call a taxi or you wait for the next one.
Hachiko wait for 10 freaking years.. ( other dog might move on and find a new master.. )
 to us human 10 years probably ( hopefully ) is like 1/8th of a lifetime ( lets just assume)

but to Hachiko, 10 years is almost a lifetime T T ...
So its like a human who waits for 70 years or so  uhuhuhuhuhuhu

I copy this from a fashion photo XD

Yes, I'm still collecting/ making my own digital pattern 

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