Wednesday, January 8, 2014

NEw YEar

This time I tried mixing gouache and watercolor together. I like it and I hope you guys like it too. 

Because I book ticket so late , I couldn't get ticket back home till new year.. which is pretty sad, cause that means I'm spending New Year at the airplane.

in 17 hours, someone fart 5 times ( seriously, just use the public restroom, they are not as venomous as you think, for one more fart I'm going to spit fire!!!)

Then, the lady next to me vomited 3 times ( at least). A nurse, she say, but never smell such weird smell her entire life,, ( really???)

2 AM, Arrived at Changi airport, honestly, my mom told me to stay at the airport till morning, but after 17 hours flight, I ought to get a decent place to take shower, change, stretch my leg and sleep, so I book hotel at the airport LOL

I met my brother, too and we check in at orchard the next day. ( YEAH)
We try to change some Rupiah to Singapore Dollar, and they give us a real expensive deal (9750) 
My brother looked really tired and wanted to just exchange them anyway. 
I tap my brother's shoulder and say, " let's go somewhere else"
( Yes, I'm really good at thisLOL) 
Then the guy immediately chop down the rates to 9700. 
My brother exchange only half of his money, which is really annoying, because we already get a good deal, and might as well change all of them.... 

So my "could be" sister in law ask me out... ugh not that I didn't want to see her, just hate all that mannerism and awkward moments, where you're kind of guessing what the other person is thinking. It is not the kind of outing that is relaxing, you know, more like trying to make good impression and all.. 

I go anyway.. LOL

At the parking lot, I saw a mouse the size of a puppy. I remember when I saw little tiny pinkish mouse the size of a cute little hamster at aunty's flower shop, and everyone was hysterical. 
Now, tell me how they will react to this. 

Then we went to buy cakes, and I saw a pale grey lizard, the size of a gecko, chow down a gigantic cockroach. It's like watching discovery channel live. 

Anyway, we went back home, and I tried to clean blanco's ear, and... it was so dirty I think she ( my could be sister in law) almost vomited, she ran and said she can not do it anymore LOL 
In fact, I think Blanco's fritos smell is coming from his ear...?

I told my brother that I know how to drive and if he could just let me use the car, Ok now I remember the people here doesn't use GPS, they remember the route... WOW
Yeah, the way we reach one's destination is like,

"Do you remember where to get to that restaurant?"

" yes, you go pass this park and that that school, and go straight pass this restaurant, and that cafe, turn to the small alley, and goes on and goes on " 
And if you still can't find it? make an illegal u-turn, of coarse. 
So In the end I decided not to drive ( yeah, lazy me XD)

Here's more sketches, fresh from 2014 XD

The umbrella doesn't work very well since it has similar value : (
( learned a lesson) 

I'm really into patterned these days, with gouache this looks is possible yeah. 

So gonna make more of these. 

BTW blanco has taken shower and can not be anymore cuter,
We have also gotten new clothes both for Blanco and soon to be wife Chibi..
 BUT my brother told me not to show his cute costumes yet till chinese new year XD 
Even the shop owner ( who sells dog's clothing) wanted Blanco's photo!!!

hmm.. I'm thinking of making money off my baby HAHAHA 

Also I just found out that my mom has moved her refrigerator to the bathroom... Seriously?? who did that??
But if your bathroom is the size of a living room, maybe that's possible.. 
Yeah, my mom's bathroom is the size of my living room in SF, how sad T T

Enough random stories, I promise this year I'm going to be more active.. maybe XD 

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