Saturday, June 21, 2014

Traveling and mostly eating

So many things to finish and going full force, I realized I haven't been posting anything new, So here's my holiday so far!!! will have more holiday photo soon!!! ( sorry no illustrations this time! BUT you got to see cute blanco HAHAHAHAHA) 

The best hot pot in Town, have tried all the hot pot at the Richmond area, even at japan town, none can compete with this place, the broth is really spicy and the meat was sliced very thinly. LOVE it. 
The problem is that they only have two waitress for the whole space and they open 5 PM - 10 PM everyday, the moment they open, there's already tables reserved... 

mmmm I think even Blanco will fall head over paw for this kurabuta pork and the spicy miso broth XD 

I didn't realize that I have lost 10 pounds after wearing braces, I know braces is very common, I'm not trying to be a drama queen, but look at that scary leg!! ( the funny thing is that my chubby chick is still there XD)  the moment I know I was 92 pounds I ate like crazy and finally fat again!! XD

we eat at Morimoto, and am trying to give the best accommodation for my parents but they didn't enjoy the day (I failed as a tourist guide for the first day ...)

this is a tourist trap, very overpriced and taste blah!! but because I have to do my tourist guide crap so I just pretend like it's really good, I even take photos hahahahaha

part of the tourist trap is the clam chowder... bleh....

Me and my brother keep arguing where's the best clam chowder is, I insist it is in San Francisco!!!! ( my brother insist it's in Boston..I know there's this Clam called Boston Clam, but there's also new Jersey Oyster, doesn't mean the best oyster is in new jersey... RIGHT!!???) 

meh... even Blanco is not interested in this tourist trap place...

Virgin Americah!!!

To Vegas!!

and we stayed here...

no just kidding, we stayed here hahahahahahahhaa

Not Bad really, I am so in love with anything french so this Hotel is Perfect for me!!!! 
They even have a room with Napoleon's picture in it!!!

I took photo just because it's famous for its price tag. It's really overpriced... this time I was upset, because the amount of overpriced-ness is bewildering!!!

Now I like this place!!! Too bad we tried it on the last day, other wise, I could have eaten here every morning mwahahahahahaha

This is Lobster Roll at Boston, forgot the name of the restaurant, wasn't crazy about it... After eating at Woodhouse fish. Co, I was determined to find the best Lobster Roll!! apparently I still love Woodhouse the most XD. The toasted bread and the taste of the lobster is still the best so far!! 

Now went to New York , There's so many good food, seriously!!!

I remember last year I went to NYC and ate at Pure Thai for five days straight hahahahahaha that is how good it is!!! I wish they opened one in SF...

There's also many many really awesome japanese food, Here's one of it!

You can choose any toppings you want with your udon. So this is mine, with plum, salmon roe, crab, seaweed, and sea urchin. All the topping are fresh and the udon is well made. The broth is not bad. SO I like this place~

I remember when I was 10 years old, I thought seeing liberty is only a dream. But 5 years ago or so, I did see the Liberty. At that time I wasn't very excited as we only see it from afar and it was really hot and windy. None of the photos taken is actually usable... Except that you wanted to see a sadako like creature with black hairs covering her burnt face while she smiles unnaturally HAHAHAHAHA

This time we actually landed at the island.. and this time the weather is so much nicer.. And this time I'm being smart, I posed in a way that I will definitely look good HAHAHAHAHA
The funny thing is that there's two indian lady around me, we make good triangular composition!!! HAHAHAHHAA

This is probably the last restaurant I dine in before I flew back to SF,. the food is also really really really good!!!!! and the waiter is very handsome HAHAHAHAHAHA
and then my flight was booked in the most rush way, possible ( cheapest, too) , I have never experience this before so might as well share them; 

My flight is from JFK to SFO, but I stopped at Phoenix, and then the flight lasted longer than it should, ( nope we didn't have delays) Then the pilot ( I think) announced that whoever going for their next flight might not be able to catch their flight!! it's 4 PM I'm still at the plane and my next flight is at 4.25. 

We finally landed at 4.20, I tried my hardest to past through the crowd of people who are also trying to leave the plane. ( luckily I didn't have luggage with me) The moment I pass through them, I ran like hell all the way to my next gate!!! And I can see the other people who is also trying to catch the same flight run like crazy!!! ( not to mention that I really wanted to pee....). 

So I made it safely to SFO, and had passed my tourist guide duty to my sister, cause I have to catch up with my work HAHAHAHHAHA

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