Sunday, August 3, 2014

I love Bali

Just finished my holiday to Bali, It was pretty good, I thought, might as well blog about it,

Went to Pura, the driver gave us warning that there's lots of wild monkeys, and that they could randomly snatch your glasses or purse, and I'm soooo scared!!!
Thank God the Monkey is actually pretty cute and they did not do anything to us at all!! hahahhahaaha

The water is sooo clean, it looked like Colgate toothpaste 

climb up all the way to the pura ( temple), and all I see is the locked entrance that said; 'only for prayers... '
I was pretty disappointed, so I just took these photos of the sculpture at the main entrance.. 
I don't know why I do feel that in the future, I will be able to enter this space though....... ( delusional me XD) 

Karma Kandara

What a beautiful place this is, although it seem pretty snobbish... 

 The ypiled up sands, to block the huge wave that's coming from the sea. Also to make sure the swimming area, as natural as it looks, has no dangerous animal, and so shallow that a ten years old would be able to swim around there..

Transparent warm water

molding stones, so slippery but looks beautiful ~

The snack was horrible, and they ran out of coconut water like I don't know how many time : (

The food here taste horrible,  ( I have to say..) and the price is ridiculous... 

But hey they have beautiful view!!! ( they have fresh oysters too XD)  

In Bali Pork is one serious business 
and here's a pork shredded burger from Eat Well
and I have to say, it taste really good, and I have to also say, 
there's many more other pork in the island that taste better... 


We went to the famous Naughty Nuri Restaurant, the original ones is at Ubud, ( I LOVE UBUD ) 
but we went to the ones at Seminyak. The Menu in Ubud and Seminyak are different. I like the ones at Seminyak better because the pork is more meaty and they have the pork soup which is soooooo goood I'm still craving for it, and was so dissapointed when I went to Ubud's Naughty Nuri and did not find the soup...
My brother insist that we stayed at Seminyak cause the last time our stay at Kuta was terrible XD
The wait was pretty long, there's this one lady who beg to cut the lines and was rejected by the waitress . Bali people has so much integrity... ( at least to what I see the last 4 days there, OK maybe I'm a bit bias LOL) 

man... I love pork decor XD 

I love Pork ribs even more... XD

and here's the Naughty Nuri at Ubud ( supposedly, the original once) too bad, they don't have my favorite pork rib's soup T T

We went to Angelita Patisserie and  I was too full to eat anything, so here's the food that my brother finished XD

I also try the famous nasi pedas ibu Andika ( spicy rice by Mrs. Andika) She's a muslim, living in Bali ( island with majority Hindu people) She made this rice with most of the ingredients using chicken and fishes, with her famous spicy sauce. 

It was really good but I had stomachache minutes after I finished my meal XD

Then we went to Mama San... 

The waitress gave us the menu, and, before anything else, asked us if we have any allergies or if we have any limitation towards spicy food. 
It sound so fishy, but my brother replied that he get mild allergy towards shrimp. 
Then he went on and asked the waitress if there's any curry dish that is popular. 
The waitress replied my brother " oh, since you are allergic to shrimp, I'm afraid I can not give you any recommendation on curries." 
We were silent for a moment and I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one that's confused...
( now that I think about it, they actually asked that question for you, not to be picky...) 

So we order deep fried pork ribs, fish dumplings snapper in soy sauce and chicken curry.. 
The fish dumpling and the deep fried pork is the best thing so far 
Then, the snapper came out, and we all smelled the 'pork intestine' like smell in the snapper dish, 
So we complaint about it and the waitress explained that it was the smell of the bamboo shoot... 

I have eaten so many ramen with bamboo shoot and I have never smelled pork intestine in my ramen... so I do not buy his reasoning, but he then quickly asked me if I wanted to order something else. 
He gave me the menu and asked me if I'm interested in ordering the 3 flavored fish ( which is the most expensive dish in the seafood area)... 

The curry was definitely too sweet and the chicken is not organic ( and we're in Indonesia...) 
it made the dish so cheap when they wanted us to dress up semi formal, and book a reservation to dine here... 

Oh, to add to my annoyance, there's a mini sign in every table, mentioning not to take photos/ try to copy the design of Mama San.... Geez, you can not be more over the top than the owner of this fancy restaurant... 

Well, I should have known from the beginning when the waitress asked such questions early on, Obviously other customer has complaints about it too, 
 Oh how I wish I could yelped this place XD 

This is the best part of Mama san, the Mojito and the deep fried pork ribs ( thank God they did not manage to ruin a deep fried ribs XD) 
The Mojito is actually very addictive, I ordered two glasses~
I even munch on the sugar cane XD


The last night we're in Bali, we eat at this fancy french restaurant called Metis, 


grouper ( the gravy is sooo good ) 

The soufflĂ©.. they are huge... my brother ordered chocolate and they tasted pretty bitter, I think they uses dark chocolate, I ordered coconut and they taste amazing!! The Raspberry soufflĂ©  taste horrible though

The towel at the end is so cute XD

I also went rafting and I LIKE IT!
Obviously there's still so many things to see... 

I will definitely come back to Bali again!!!

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