Saturday, February 7, 2015

Turkey III

So I still have more photos to share when in Turkey hehehehe

so here it is!

This is still at Pamukalle, 

Still at Pamukalle~

This is part of the theatre at Aspendos. 

This is Mevlani Mausoleum  

the court inside the mausoleum 

The gate at the Mausoleum 

we went through the silk route and pass the Caravanserai 

This is Capadoccia~

and this is the capital city of Turky
this is the Museum and mausoleum for their first President, Mustafa Ataturk Kemal 

This is place is highly guarded, they even have to scan all your belongings when you went in, and certain area, you can not take photos.. 

it's HUGE

The Marmara sea

a handsome guard LOL

overlooking the grand mosque

They always have this beautiful court with water fountain in it, it has a mix of European and Asian feel to it : ))

The Blue Mosque is SOOO HUGE

Then we went to the famous Hagia Sophia~

ULALA so many people...

Then we went ahead to the hotel, and bye bye Turkey... I hope to see Istanbul again~

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