Wednesday, July 11, 2012


I 'kind of' copied cheese cake's factory's receipt, of coarse I try to make it look different ^^

I got the orange from Crate and Barrel's brochure; I copied the coffee from a photo I took last year
when I went to blue bottle with my co-worker. I love the blueberry cheesecake the most because of the granulated sugar at the top of it.

Recently I went to dentist and had another cavity filled... I think I need to stop eating sweets, especially chocolates. ( and I did stop eating chocolates, its been a month without my lovely oreo bar, milo bar, Cocoa Bella T T) I also stop asking for extra caramel on top of my Starbucks...
I used to love green tea Frappucchino. Even during the cold winter, I'd order green tea frappucchino, but lately it taste like avocado frappucchino to me... T T
If I told my friend that I am cutting my sugar intakes, everybody thinks I'm trying to loose weight, especially when I told them that I only chew sugar free gum. I didn't want to be fat, that's true. More than that, I didn't want to have more cavity T T

I miss chocolates T T

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