Thursday, July 12, 2012

table II

 Because I was really happy with my first table, so I make the second one, Originally I wanna make an I-pad, Macbook, and I-pohoe. I change my mind, instead I just put an I-phone, a book and a coffee.

I hate doing the 'writing like' line in the book ( you can see it scribbling as my hand is shaking XD)

I put my own illustrations instead of taking random photos from the internet just because I am lazy, and grabbing these jpegs from my documents is the easiest way I could think of.

oh, well this is what I am supposed to be doing by now T T

I am so lazy I haven't been looking for many jobs yet, I just keep on sketching and doodling, watching youtube, dramas, etc etc. I guess, embracing my freedom?? Without classes and not having to wake up early. Recently my schedule have been damaged, I can't sleep until 5 A.M, then I wake up at 12 P.M.

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