Wednesday, September 19, 2012

finally. more sketches!

Another moving...
I feel like I have been moving in and out too many times... T T
nomadic me...
Is so tiring but I have to put up with it and still be gratefull that I have a place to stay... T T

I just watched Diary of Anne Frank and I really like it. Not because it is a great movie, but because I am really interested in knowing more about the Holocaust.
I am Chinese Indonesian and I realize that we can not be off guard, we can't be ignorant in our status as minority, and that some people secretly dislikes our existance...
My mom once said, we were nor 100 % Chinese nor 100% Indonesia..
We could never be 100% accepted..
What I got from the movie, is that ( spoileeer) Anne didn't realize how serious the war is. She thought it was going to be over soon. They seriously believed they are going to be resettled, and they belong where they are and they didn't feel the need the to flee.. They just hide!
If, there's any commotion of anti-chinese in Indonesia, i wouldn't take it lightly as just simply going to stay in a native friend's house, or in a hotel.. I'd definitely flee to another country!!!

San Francisco is getting colder and colder... the wind is so harsh T T...

I really really really want to shooooooop!!!!!!!!!!!

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