Thursday, September 20, 2012

sf moma

So went to sf MOMA...
we went through the exhibition of Cindy Sherman and ( to me) it was major highlight 
Out of all the exhibition, Naoya Hatakeyama's photography was my favorite ( although I find it verrry saaad T T ) 
at first was awed by the beauty in his photos, The interesting color and composition. 
Than when you look up close... 
He depicted the Tsunami that happened recently in Japan, as beautiful, appealing, object that draw your immediate attention. At the same time, successfully conveyed the somberness of it. I mean, I have seen photos of people in world war, slavery, etc etc( what can you not see when you have internet at home, right?), 

however, his photos gave me this nausea feeling and a sadness ( similar to the sadness I feel when I was in ground zero) 
In ground Zero, you see all this artifact and videos ( we all know how powerful a video can be) and, of coarse, the feeling goes through. 
Naoya Hatakeyama then gave me similar feelings, just with photos!! can you imagine how powerful is that!? ( note, in his photos, you rarely see expressions of people, mostly are scenery )

  Ok, we finish with exhibition and start chilling in the cafe

my princess mint tea and the free postcard

my princess layered cake that is surprisingly tasty.. 
it has this subtle ginger flavor too 

my friend draw me!! how nice~ 
totally touched!

then we finish the day with dinner!!!

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