Thursday, February 13, 2014


This is what I did during holiday, and the last post was done in singapore, at the hotel.. yes, I'm painting at hotel room, LOL

Then this one was done in my spare time back home. 

Happy artist make great artwork, I'm not happy because it's valentine's day.. 

My teacher say something about him, in the old days, making movie posters, and that he got to paint some chinese junk, ( and he keep repeating it) and the class was filled with 90% chinese kid and I'm trying really hard not to laugh.XD


Have you seen this monkey before? 

I just post it cause i don't have anymore new works to show T T 

Did I tell you that the manager of this apartment is reducing the pressure on my shower head? yes Money Fong did that while I was on vacay... stupid me telling him that I was away
Speechless.. it's water.... such a cheapskate... How much water can one person use, in a month seriously...

The good news is that the wether is getting warmer!!!!!!YEAH ( means no more whining about heater thing LOL) 

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