Sunday, February 16, 2014

Watercolor and Gouache

Actually I did go out the night before valentines day LOL
Went to Golden Gate Bakery and they are open ( almost tear up) 
then wait in line for almost an hour just to get a chicken pie, LOLOL
While waiting in line, I was staring at one lady, that makes the line seem longer than ever!!, she bought 18 boxes or something, that is one crazy lady... 
( and I just order three chicken pie, in a paper wrap LOLOLOL)

Then wait for my friend, yes she make me waste my precious time waiting for her for 2 hours!!!!!!!!!

Also, I made a dental appointment and missed it on purpose, ( hahahaha what a j*rk ) 
 the front desk girl call me 
"Hellow, this is Kristin?"

"Oh, yea it's me" ( OMG THEY REALLY CALL)
"You have dentist appointment with us at noon?" with a very teasing tone
"Errr, yeah, I totally forgot" trying not to laugh out of nervousness
"So When do you want to reschedule?"
"Err, I'll call you when I'm ready" 

"Ahhh, so you're not ready huh?" ( busted) 
"Alright, just let me know, k" 
"Ok, have a good day, bye" LOL


For a long time, wanted to wear braces, but never able to bring myself to do it XD. 

Dentist is a very dangerous word... and so is deadline XD

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