Saturday, April 12, 2014

after a long busy month!!!

Today went for printing service and could literally go mad.

Told the guy, double sided, card-stock, aligned, actual size...
and at first, it is not actual size, so he redo, now not double sided, then not aligned...

I especially asked my graphic design friend to help me to lay things out, so that everything will be able to be printed, aligned, and this guys just say it is impossible, and that whoever lay them out for me is not doing a good job, and that I have to flip the back view in order to have them aligned.

He also told me that he couldn't do it for me and that I have to go back home and do it and come back tomorrow, OK he's just pretty much chasing me away...

To my own stupidity, I did flip them, came back the next morning only to have him made me wait for another one and a half hour...and finally he get them printed.. and hey you know what, all the words are now flipped and not readable, my graphic design friends is definitely going to laugh at my stupidity, no, I think the whole world is going to laugh at how stupid I am...

I called him ( boiling) and he said, well, you gave me the file
I frantically went back there, and the guy was gone, replaced with a different guy, I feel bad for this new guy that he has to feel my wrath, I think my aura is really bad at that moment, I bet I can kill a cow ( and I saw his hand shivered )  HAHAHA
This guy, willing to open photoshop, he also cut one samples and let me see it. ( I was looking for this one sample, I have a sneaky feeling he took it ( because it is so gorgeous right? right?? XD)
Oh, and he laughed when I told him about flipping the back view...

Bought all these gorgeous color in  gouache and painted all this beautiful gorgeous art, and when I saw them printed, was... disappointed T T
so I edit them in photoshop, and went back and forth; home, printing service, home, printing service, home...
I wish I could, by accident drop my brush at the pond in Golden Gate park, and suddenly an angel came up, asking if this HP laser jet Enterprise 601Printer series belong to me,
and I would answer him, nope, and he would show me a flat bed scanner and asked me if that belongs to me, and I would answer him nope,
so due to my honesty, not only that he gave me back my brush, but also the oh so desirable printer and the flat bed scanner!!!!

So painting is one thing, getting them printed is definitely another form of art..

Shady Hill School gorgeous school ~

Then I added bits of it with photoshop XD 

Oh my gawd, take a look at this girl's floor... what a life?? HAHAHAHAHA
and yes, I'm still using the seaweed carbon paper to transfer my drawing XD

Yes, yes, I haven't added the eyes, contemplating between using pen or photoshop...
Like it make differences?? Well, according to my technique in illustrator instructor, what medium I use is very important, and because this is for his class, I have to conform XD

So you can see I'm in love with bright colors, I'm just crossing my finger that I could get them printed well, cause what's the point if they didn't printed out well, right??

Lastly, Blanco and his new BFF XD

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