Wednesday, April 16, 2014



This is done for February Calendar, was thinking of drawing two animals... two animals... ermm, have a list of animal in my head, Birds, Monkeys, Mandarin ducks.. I ended up making dragonflies instead, very sexy huh? emmmmm

My emphasize on this ones is the color, the blue, hot pink, blue green and lime green is the essential in this drawing. 

Frog for March, Sheep for September, Crab for June, piglets for April, Fish for October

Trying really really hard to match the original painting and the prints, I don't know how many times I test print them, but it's definitely worth it!!!

5 Ducks for May~

This fish is the hardest ones, I get it printed and the blue always come up desaturated/ darker than it should... even purplish.. Not only the value is not right, the color is beyond disappointment : (, I tried and tried, to the point I magic wand the whole background and repainted them in photoshop with different choices of blues and get them printed. Surprisingly, one of them looked so good, it definitely doesn't look like the original painting, but... but ....shamelessly, I have to admit that one print looked better than the original! So i chose it and get them all printed.

My friend told me that I shouldn't be so anal about the print result.., but if you spend so much time on the original painting, and already had a clear ideas in your head of how it's suppose to look like, I can't help but keep trying!!!

It's June!!! Hot Hot Summer!!! ( the blue in the crab looks surprisingly good on prints!)

I hope these dragonflies, for February issue, is not too sexy..

I thought the first Month of the year should be something extraordinary, so I decided a Dinosaur XD

The bookmarks have "Plants' theme in it, it's inspired by my aunt's flower shop, standing cutely and charmingly, at Nob Hill, I love her shop so much for the colorful flowers she has!!

and again, the emphasize is in the contrasting color, such as the bright blue and lime green~


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