Sunday, May 4, 2014

Arabian Night and Kylin

Haven't been blogging forever, sorry for the late post, I promise will show more stuff on summer...
I have been really busy and most of the stuff I'm working on can not be displayed... : ((

Having a terrible flue that I catch on the bus ( yes, blame it to the bus) and when I saw the line, that were highlighted with ( taxi and muni only) and I realized, sfmta is now buying lanes!! wow!! XD

Today my Intuos grip pen broke, and I'm really sad... dear pen, you have served me well, adieu...
Then quickly went to get a new one LOL

Just went to bookstore 2 days ago, and found this interesting book called angry little asian girl, and definitely can relate to her!!!
This tired not so little asian girl need to do more work!!

see you soon!!

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