Tuesday, May 13, 2014


So happy with the result!!!

I think I will never fall out of love with drawing!! even if I get burn out once in a while I always keep coming back and draw, it's what I love to do, even if there's bits here and there that is not so fun ( photoshop, laying things out, revisions, details, etc), in the end drawing is what I do best!!!

This is the story of princess and the pea, I will show the whole draft and probably color more pages that I love.
And the boy is based on Napoleon Bonaparte, my hero~~

Today the wether is definitely super hot and I'm being a lazy bum, yes the hot wether is to be blame for being so nonfunctional.. XD

Looking back at my posts last year, I have been very bold in sharing my life experience, and that now noticing more and more viewers, had made me hesitate to share..

It does feel like " hey, we want to see your work, not your personal story or your lol pug photos.."

Or when you meet someone and keep wondering at the back of your head, wether they read your blog or not, or how much they know about you and your whiny blog LOL

BUT I have decided to continue sharing, wether it is my LOL pug photos, my so out of proportion sketches, my dry humor, broken english, as well as my shameless story!!!!

Looking back at the first time I open this blog, things has progressed so much!!, I'm definitely learning to enjoy my life and appreciate all the blessings in my life!!


My teeth ( If you don't bother to read, don't. Just enjoy the illustration above XD, this is for friends and family that I wanted them to know)

I have always had a crooked teeth but they never bother me and no one ever told me of how horrible they are because it was never as horrible as it is now. In fact, when I was young, people say my crooked teeth makes my smile very cute and attractive ( I swear they did say that)
and since 2012, my wisdom tooth erupted. They pushed my front teeth, to the point that I'm having a hard time to close my mouth ( miraculously, my bunny teeth is still align LOL).

 I started to realize the severity of my, now overbite, over-jet teeth. Especially when I was conversing and the whole time people keep staring down at my teeth.

I have always been a visual person and had always put a certain emphasize on look.. ( yes what a bad person I am), but had become less and less Indonesian and more and more San Franciscan.. to the point that I don't really care of how I look.. or rarely look at the mirror, or cut my own hair, and not wearing any make up, powder, foundation, what so ever and just leave home. So I didn't realize how much I change... When I hang out with Indonesian people, there's always a certain standard of beauty that was maintained..

I remember there's this guy that was a phd, smart, well educated and come from wealthy family, my friend urges me to try to date him, I told him, I didn't want to because his look is just... beyond average.. ( what a bad person I was). My friend looked at me with a spiteful eyes and say that I will pay for my immaturity.

Now I was having this horrible teeth that definitely effected my look and at this age, crooked teeth with a severe over jet, you just do not get any compromise from anyone.. and I started to realized how different people treated me for my appearance alone..

Anyway, I have learn my lesson, and yes a beautiful heart can be found in an overjet jagged tooth not so little girl like me. And that I will need to take care of my self a little bit better cause even if for the me now, looks is not important anymore, it is definitely important for those who has never been treated unfairly for their looks.

Anyway,. I'm working on my braces and hopefully by next year can start on my invisalign.. oh, and that does NOT mean my life stopped for the next 6 month, in fact, I'm so going to enjoy life LOL

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