Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Yoga Class

Last week I went to Yoga class and had been telling my friend, ( we didn't check schedule) that if there's no class, let's have dinner instead...
Unfortunately, there's a class, about to start and it's Yoga class.
The instructor burn candles and put on some religious Hindu song,
My Christian friend was scared to death, but she was determined to make the class.. I was giggling the whole time, I can not even complete the first few poses, and couldn't understand what she's saying.
The reason why I wanted to join is because my back sometimes hurt and I know my left hand was severely weak compare to the almighty right hand that pretty much do yoga while painting in photoshopping, and drawing the whole time. I went to a tailor recently and she quickly mentioned my asymmetrical arm!!

SO after 30 minutes of giggling... we left the room XD
Then went for dinner LOL
I ask my brother if he wants anything for dinner and the first response " WHAT? finish with the yoga class???"
and I could only laugh it out loud XD

So today we were planning to go to fitness class, but ended up giving Blanco some shower and a good happy walk. LOL

We also meet a Pomeranian, he was scared of Blanco, I don't blame him, I mean look at a Pom pom and look at our pug, LOL But then under all those wrinkles, flat nose and chunky body, is a very beautiful heart!! Blanco did not bark for once just quietly approaching him and give him a friendly sniff , but the Pom Pom seem pretty uneducated , he keep barking at our poor Blanco.. So after trying for a while we left XD

Photos can be seen on Blanco's instagram; blancothepigpug.


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