Monday, December 8, 2014

blanco story

Yesterday blanco went to a pet hotel, not that we're leaving him there, but they also do pet grooming and they sell pet snacks, we ran out of Blanco snack, and the regular shop is closing down, they're moving to Surabaya or something, that was pretty sad,.
Once we went to the pet hotel, Blanco's tail went down,. so many barking and uncivilized dogs!!, Blanco is EXTREMELY scared!!!!! one of the dogs, run towards Blanco, barking, Blanco hide behind me, the dog was so confused, probably never saw a pug so scared, he ignored Blanco LOL.

One of the poodle was barking and growling at Blanco, I almost hit him LOL why so rude to my baby!!!??? Blanco is such a gentle creature, sobs.

There's two English bulldogs, apparently has similar temperament as Blanco, So at least He got to socialize in a civilized way with these English Bulldogs : )
And I got to buy many many snacks~

My blanco have been enjoying Laughing Cow, ( cheese) which I regret... in a week time, he starts having bumps in his body, I ran my finger through his fur and found many bumps... :(( that is apparently excessive  fat and protein... : ( no more eggs and cheese for now : ((

So that's all for today, for more of Blanco Photo, please check Blancothepigpug at instagram~

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