Thursday, January 8, 2015



Very beautiful place, it has similar feeling to Bali, but different color of sea, here, it has a darker blue color, while Bali water is more turquoise in color. 

deep deep blue, fresh and clear ooo I want to jump in so bad, if it wasn't for the wether... 

 Soooo beautiful!! The people are so friendly and chill too, love this place!!

Sweet and delicate, mmmmm simply delightful, I can't get enough of Turkish delight, seriously!!

St, John Basilica, pretty huge. It was turned into historical museums and they kept findings from the sea, like coins and table wares. 
I love history and ancient artifact, I love stone castle, I also love fresh water, so you can only imagine how much I love this place!!  I stay here till sunset since I love it soo much, even my friend says this is the best place we have visit so far!! 

the view from the castle, imagining a battle ship coming forth from greece, and they prepare battle here LOL

This is supposedly a street market, obviously a great deal of imagination is required LOL,

SO beautiful, we are on our way to Pamukale, and look how gorgeous this place is!!! Also, we thought it was going to rain, and then we saw this light piercing through the dark cloud!! Wasn't sure if the sky or the ancient findings is more interesting, i took photos anyway.. 

These stones were remnants from the past, i find the vast greeneries and spots of white stone/ marble very beautiful. Looking North, South, East or West, everywhere is beautiful!!!!
In fact, when my friend ask me how's Turkey overall, I can say it's a very beautiful place!!!

nope, no green screen required!


( imagined there's the sound of enlightenment in your head) Holy Moly, the sky, the view the white stone, is damn gorgeous!! I know some people come to Pamukkale and feel disappointed because it doesn't look like the postcards, LOL but when I went there, ( ehem) it was definitely more beautiful than any postcards!!!

apparently the postcard is a zoomed in photo of these terrace water. You know those time when you went to Lake Tahoe, and thought it wasn't as beautiful as the photo in magazines? that's because they probably zoomed in one or two stones covered in snow the size of your palm hand and took photo, and said, this is the gorgeous Tahoe, LOL And then you went there, the place is crowded with tourist  skiing, playing with snow and what not. It actually look like a common town with snow, except with more space to ski.  Photographer is going to zoom in real close so you feel that the place is isolated, special and worth visiting. Don't get me wrong Tahoe is still worth visiting, and so is the painted lady, even if you don't understand the historical value, of otherwise a commonly seen victorian houses in the city, it is still worth visiting, even when the time you visit, the place is under construction LOL 

And so is the Golden Gate bridge as the symbol of humanity, if you wonder why they ruined the bridge in every epic movie. So even when you visit them at night and the light is off, or there's a construction going on, still you have visited one of the most iconic bridge in the world!!! so take photo LOL
( and don't blame the tour guide XD)  

without the sky I don't think it's going to look this gorgeous, and yet I'm so glad to be here in open space with beautiful scenery and come across such a beautiful sky. Not to mention that it was winter, so there's not as much tourist as it usually is. 

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