Wednesday, January 7, 2015



I love the cold wether here!! it is chill with no harsh wind, and the scenery is so beautiful!!

Green Mosque, wasn't so green, I know, but it is pretty green in the inside 

OK, maybe not that green, LOL

shops, they sell extremely overpriced stuff, but then they have Swarovski stall inside!!??  

pardon me with the mannequin face at the bottom XD


on our way to house of Virgin Mary. 

This is supposedly a place for baptism, it is in the shape of a key, and not the only one, later on I found out other Christian site with similar key hole shape for baptism too. 


I post this photo just because it fascinates me knowing that the two pipe is for irrigation and sewage. 
This ancient city shows that ancient people knows basic plumbing LOL

NIKE, Goddess of Victory, I don't like competition and ideas of winning and loosing, I love peaceful like where people support and love each other. I love Nike because Nike is NOT in the hand of Mars, ( God of war) but IS in the hand of Athen ( Goddess of wisdom). So people, be wise!, competition will never gets you anywhere but hating and to be hated. the wise ones live a happy life and obtain real victory~

I have to do this, because everywhere I look is beautiful LOL

Row of shops, it has decorated tiles along the road, equivalent of todays mall, i think. 

ancient toilet bowl!!! so they did it in mass- togetherness is so beautiful~


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