Tuesday, June 16, 2015


Wat Pho and Wat Arun

We missed a couple of places we plan to go..
To be honest I wasn't very happy about it, but such is life, it's never going to be perfect, and we're not joining any tours, and I'm not experienced enough to make a better schedule, either too tight, much cheated, or that we lazed at the mall for too long. It was Vesak, their Big holiday, the emerald Buddha was closed. ( the grand palace) blah blah blah....

We wanted to go to the floating market, but my friend had a stomachache. Thanks to me, wanting to eat the street food near the sewers, to be honest i was just curious, there's so many people eating and the grilled fish covered with salt looks good. It was not, not oh so not good XD

The next day we wake up early, went to the floating market, and my friend suddenly said she REALLY need to go back to hotel. I told the driver that my friend is not feeling very well, and he says, go catch a taxi ( WHAAAAT!!??) I was silent for a moment.

we hoped from his car and went around looking for taxi, one guy approach us and asked us if we want to get a Tuk Tuk, my friend, at this time, is at emergency situation XD, so we ignore all his bluff ( free aircon , blah blah blah,) and take the Tuk Tuk. He was crazy insane, I was praying the whole time, I thought I was in James Bond movie, transporting drugs, being chase by Mavia or what, it was Insane...
( and definitely no aircon...)
Did I mentioned that I get my head bumped to the Tuk Tuk ceiling because it was so low, and the crazy driver start petting my hair ( no worries, it's just a slight second) but I'm purely disgusted. He keep asking where we going tomorrow, and that he wanted to fetch us. my friend rolled her eyes up, we just totally ignored him ( which is not my character) but it's definitely for safety reason, he looked like a criminal XD he totally do!!

saw this in the tv before, can not believe finally get to see the real thing XD 

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