Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Thailand 2

Ayuthaya continued!

free to roam the whole city~

it was beyond hot, it's burning!!!

Imagining how this city looked during it's age of glory..

The last place we visited before we left, we just took one shot and left, that's how hot it is. 

We went to the palace too, it was located in the same area with Ayuthaya. 
Also, I got to drive around with mini car, Luckily I brought my driving license kekekeke. 
Also the gardener was careless and I got showered with water, it was so hot that the shower seem like a blessing!! Almost like we were in beverage ad LOL, and we were laughing so loud, the crazy part is that the gardener is standing there waiting for me to approach him, and probably get yelled but I just drive away laughing XD. My bag and my pants all the way from tight too toe all wet. It was THAT hot that it dried up so quickly LOL ( I don't know how many bottled water I finish, I even use the cold water bottled and roll it around my neck and cheek because I feel like a porky pie inside a preheated oven, drying up as all my sweat comes up into broth) So sweat is actually human broth? LOL

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