Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Trip to Thailand 1

Yeah, it feel just yesterday that I went to Turkey on a cold winter day, and I'm already burning myself in Thailand!

So here's pictures from my trip.

sanctuary of Truth

They're still under construction, but still worth seeing, it has a surrealistic feeling to it and is said to depict heaven on earth. 

The Relic of Buddha is kept here. 

Exiting from this place we REALLY did not know how to get a transportation, the only one available is way too expensive and we know for sure that we are being cheated, but there REALLY is no tuk tuk passing by. the lady that was at the gate say: 
"Taxi, yes?" 
"no, Tuk tuk, we want Tuk Tuk" 
I saw there's Tuk, tuk, and I hop in, and prepare cash, the lady, took the key out from the Tuk Tuk car and say: NO TUK TUK, Taxi only.. "
so we give in to the taxi without meter on. ( which means more cheating going on) 
 He agreed to drive us to see the Mounatin Buddha, and then he offered to stay and wait for us and drive us to our next destination which is the Big Buddha, after a little negotiation, we agreed. 

Then on our way to Nong Nooch the driver receive a phone call. Not sure what they are talking about since they are talking in Thai, but they are naming hotel, and time, I guess, he has to go back to the city/ airport and pick someone. He rejected it. ( I think) 

We arrived at Nong Nooch and he offered to buy the ticket for us, I refused of coarse, but when I open the car door, he close it forcefully WTF I was shocked, and couldn't do anything. I guess He will ask the guy to sell him the ticket with local price and asked us to pay him with tourist price. Fine. 

Then as he went in, he DID NOT PARK, so I asked where he's going to be, and OMG, he said he's going to leave us there and that he will come back and pick us up in 4 hours time.... My friend was under the impression that the park is HUGE, like Disney Land, that there'll be decent food inside... and I'm like, NOPE, NOPE NOPE, let's see the map, this is fishy. 
 We had a deal that he's going to drive us back to Hotel and it's going to be 600 baht. then he say:
"you guys play, eat, I come back at 6, OK?"
me: "huh?" " where you going?" 
"back to pattaya, pick someone and come pick you, OK?"

"you give me 300 baht, i come back you give me 300 more, OK?

then as he drive in there's actually many many taxi
"you pay me 500 baht, i come back and maybe 300 more, OK?.Eh, no... 600, ... 600 baht, i come back and then... ( at this point his voice was disappearing, almost talking to himself...) 

my friend pull out 600 baht, i say give 400 baht, ( my friend was too hungry and tired to even think :( so she just follow what I say LOL)
 I knew he was going to chase us, but heck, we're in public place and he has to pick someone at Pattaya 
So I gave him 400 baht, we get off the car, as he count the money, he get off the car quickly and said I need to pay him 200 more. 
I said, NO the deal is that you wait and drive us back to hotel and THAT will be 600, you decided not to drive us home, I decided to pay 400 baht. 
He was laughing and said, " no no no no no, 600 baht, you say go here go there, 600 baht. " 
NO, do not pretend your english sux and that there's a misunderstanding or what, I am very clear of what's going on. 400 baht, that is all i can give you!! 
I was mad, I raise my voice and pull my friend, as we literally run away from him LOL

Buddha Mountain

We went to the Buddha mountain, and the Big Buddha, the taxi is willing to drive us around for a very unfair price...

Wat Khrao Phra bat

Nong Nooch Tropical garden.. we went here when the sun was right above our head, it's a beautiful place, too bad it was so hot, I couldn't enjoy it... :( 
Also the sight of elephant being used for entertainment bothers me... 

The Lady Boy Show

I like this show!!
It's amazing!! it's definitely more than just a funny comedy about lady boy. There's funny part of coarse, but overall, these people took it very seriously!

Also before you took pictures with them, better stay far away and look for which ones you wanted to take photos with, otherwise they will FORCE you to take pictures with them and you have to pay them. Like the lady boy with flowers in his/her head? I didn't plan on taking photo with him/her, She/he just popped up beside me and I have to pay him/her too ...


The famous Buddha head. 

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